Imagination Illustrated

Nina Dogmetchi graduated from the RCA in 2003, 
with an MA in Printed Textile Design.
In 2013 with the help of Kick Starter Nina quit her Graphic Design job at Adidas, wrote and illustrated her first Children's Book and launched her Brand, Imagination Illustrated. Where she now creates Art Inspired Stationery, Children's Books and Textile Products.

With her beautiful often emotional and dreamlike artwork, she connects with something deeply rooted in all of us, she hopes that her products will connect to something in you, and you will want to keep it forever.

Folded Nanuk - Panorama Card

Tiger Tiger - Cotton Pouch

Jungle - Cotton Pouch

Zebras - Cotton Pouch

New World Box Sets

Nanuk - Panorama Card

Howling Wolves - Panorama Card

Arctic - Cotton Pouch

Camels - Panorama Card

Bird of Paradise - Panorama Card

Koala Love

Tapir baby