Journey to the East

Journey to the East Art Gallery – Art to Wear

Journey to the East is a contemporary Chinese Art Gallery. We regularly travel throughout China to seek out the most talented artists and provide a platform to present their work to European Collectors. In addition to original artworks, we have also designed a range of beautiful gifts inspired by contemporary and classic paintings.

Our gifts of art are more than ordinary merchandise, their value is enhanced through the artists’ involvement in the design.   This ensures artistic value and creates a source of income that supports the artists creative journey.

This May, Journey to the East Gallery is pleased to launch our summer collection at Pulse, the UK's ultimate boutique trade event to show case the wearable art of exceptional artists. All our designs are capture the authenticity & the spirit of the original artworks and uphold the intention to make art more accessible to daily life.

Journey to the East is your gateway to the best gifts of art. We are dedicated to helping artists to make their name in the world and contribute to the beauty of cultural diversity. Every purchase supports the artists.

100% Silk Abstract Color Scarf

Abstract Color Cushion Cover