Image Picks From Clare Hastings

Previously a stylist and costume designer. Started her career at Harpers and Queen magazine before freelancing for stills shoots and television commercials. Career highlights breakfasting at the Savoy with Mick and Jerry, cross dressing Harry Enfield, chortling with Billy Connelly. In between too many things to mention.

"The Indytute run Origami workshops, so we were delighted to spot this kit. The pattern and colour in these papers make you long to start folding.This is very on trend gift and Origami is not only decorative but remarkable therapeutic."

"What isn't to love ? This toy makes you smile. The pom pom hat makes a great handle, and we can see Mr Ricepuffy being dragged round the house by his hat. A simple shape, but definitely a character to cuddle."

"These vases pick up on the trend for glass and the 1970's. The colours are great and although they are shaped like Owls, the designers haven't forgotten the function.Although it sounds simplistic these shapes have flowers in mind, and will look ravishing