Image Picks From Nigel Carrier

Nigel is retail expert specialising in gifts & home accessories, having owned two prestigious retail stores in Fulham & Chelsea for over 20 years.

"The snail graphic has instant appeal; modern, stylish and “happy”. The trays are handmade in Sweden and the quality is first rate."

"These iconic Swedish bags, designed in the 1950s are practical, sturdy and stylish. This particular version is produced in eco-plastic, derived from sugar cane, which is an additional selling point."

"This plush toy is super cute! It is simple and beautifully designed; perfect."

"The use of bamboo for watches is innovative, clever and distinctive. Bamboo is a hardwearing material, it’s also eco-friendly."

"Like all Cambridge Imprint products these notebooks are beautifully crafted and produced in a range of interesting and sophisticated colours. The notebooks are thoughtfully designed taking inspiration from historic sources."